Pharmacy Rebate

Xsulent Consultancy are experts in analysing purchasing transactions and auditing rebate payments for pharmacies. We are here to take the pain out of checking rebates, to remove uncertainty and to provide peace of mind for independent pharmacy owners and groups of pharmacies. Rebate validation is a very important part of pharmacy business and mistakes can be costly. Industry knowledge has shown us that wholesalers and suppliers can make errors and as a result payments can be out by €1000's.

Discounts can change frequently and in some cases may differ every month depending on your spend. At times you may find it difficult to figure out what the correct rebate is for each transaction. Are you receiving the discount as advertised on each product you purchase? Are you getting paid the correct rebate as promised to you by sales reps? Checking rebates can be a time consuming task but don't worry, Xsulent Consultancy are able to help. Leave us take care of your rebate validation for you and this will free up time for you to concentrate on other parts of your business.

Often a Pharmacy will find that they are owed a refund from their wholesaler due to rebate errors. Therefore by hiring Xsulent Consultancy to carry out this analysis, a Pharmacy will profit in this situation. If you would like to discuss an audit of your discounts and rebates, you can contact David on 085-1157435 or An initial consultation is completely free of charge.

If you'd like to improve the discounts you're currently receiving and increase the size of your rebate payments check out our 'Xsulent Pharmacy Savings' solution. Click here to find out more.

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